Who I am

I’m a clinical psychologist (Italian title) and a systemic relational psychotherapist. I completed my psychological degree at University of studies of “Milano-Bicocca” and I completed my psychotherapy training at the “Psychotherapy of Family Academy”, in his Turin branch.

I’m a member of OPL (Ordine degli Psicologi della regione Lombardia) and a registered member of BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy).

I worked for a long time with children and adolescents in different backgrounds: I diagnosed, planned and promote therapeutic intervention for children with relational and behavioral problems and learning disabilities in a Neuropsychiatric institution; I worked in schools as a teaching assistant with children with special needs; I worked as a social worker with children and adolescents and their dysfunctional families in their home.

Even if my experience with children has been very important and appreciated by me I decided to put my attention on families and couples, because I understood the need of a more complex way to face mental disease, an approach which could involve the different ‘systems’ where the person lives, like his family, his couple and his familiar and relational hystory.

The roots of mental sufferings are very deep and can penetrate from the past to the future. This is why, to understand the meaning of it, the family history is such an important ingredient.

I’m in the UK with my family since 2015 and now I’m working as a psychotherapist with Italian people living here like me.

Since 2019 I started a collaboration with the italian clinic Dottore London, in Holborn.